Friday, October 24, 2008

No Cooking? NO KIDDING?

By now you know what a health nut and foodie I am. You know I love to cook and I am all about healthy eating habits...

Some of you have complained to me that you don't LIKE to cook. Even those of you who do enjoy food prep and were pleased to have consulted with The Dinner Diva -continue to roam the aisles of the grocery store, hang from your cupboard doors, and poke your head into your fridge to answer the family's cries, "WHAT IS THERE TO EAT?"

I have such exciting news for you!

How would you like to have access to 400 ways to eat raw foods?

Now, don't you roll your eyes! I can hear you groaning, thinking it is just awful to think of veggies and fruits and no steak dinners! I know. You have a picture in your head of what Thanksgiving Dinner looks like and it does not include freshly squeezed wheat grass!

But I know about this Raw Foods Chef who has been a competitive body builder and she has proved by using raw foods and developing programs based on raw foods that you can be really healthy and it's not a lot of bother! Impressive, don't you think?

Her name is Kristen Suzanne. She is a beautiful woman with a real zest for life. She is devoted to helping us feel great, have more energy, and live longer. WHAT A CONCEPT!

Kristen is eager for us to have sound nutritional content, featuring phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. And she stresses the importance of COLOR!

Does Kristen's message sound like an echo of Mother Connie's? If it does, then you know why this is such good news!

Please do yourself a healthy favor ASAP and meet Kristen Suzanne !

Connie Baum

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