Sunday, October 12, 2008

Could You Pass The Salt, Please?

Time was when salt, a highly prized commodity, was used as a medium of exchange, the way we use cash today.

In this culture, salt is a wonderful, low cost, low tech remedy for a number of life's discomforts. Especially SEA SALT.

For example, a simple tap or two of the salt shaker into your palm will empty enough salt to quiet a tickly cough, in many cases. The pH of the body is apparently rebalanced by the addition of that little pinch of salt. The best results come from SEA SALT, because it is just salt with the water removed. No additives, no toxicity.

SEA SALT can be a good remedy for mommies-to-be, too. When that wave of nausea hits, a pinch of salt or a bit of salt in water that is very slowly sipped can alleviate the misery in short order. According to the Macrobiotic way of thinking, expectant mothers are becoming more Yin-expanded-and the salt creates a condition in the body that is more Yang-contracted.

Salt makes a wonderful exfoliant. As the days cool and we are more prone to dry skin, it is very soothing to rub SEA SALT on our skin at bath/shower time. The salt stimulates the skin and the lymphatic system, as well as the circulatory system and it feels tingly and invigorating. It all rinses off in the shower or tub. And of course, all the dead skin cells are sloughed off and away with the salt.

Soaking in a tub of SEA SALT water can be helpful and soothing. I like to run a tub of VERY hot water, add a cup of SEA SALT and soak until the water cools down. Sometimes I add more hot water. Other times I end my soak in the interest of time. Soaking in salt water draws out any toxicity and it assists with joint discomfort. Besides, it just feels good.

No doubt you have all heard 'The Lecture" about how bad salt is for you. I have good news: that simply is not true. Especially if you use SEA SALT! Dr. Batman Helidj taught us that there are two oceans in the body for balance: the ocean of water and the ocean of salt. When those two oceans are in balance, health is prominent. Imbalance of those two oceans is caused from too much acidity in the diet, in the water, even in the air we breathe!

I know a guy who had an infection in his foot. When he used SEA SALT in his food and drank less fruit juice and more pure water, the foot improved significantly. Observing that process was enough to make a believer out of me!

SEA SALT is low tech, low cost health care. Commensurate with our culture today, we can refer to High Tech Health for great pure water, up-to-date ways of balancing the body's pH, and products that enhance the well being of the entire family!

Could you please pass the sea salt? Thanks. And please, do remember to visit our friends at High Tech Health !

--Connie Baum

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