Saturday, May 3, 2008

Opening Act

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, on the stage of human affairs I find myself under the spotlight. There are a great many things to share with you and this will be one of my forums to do so.

Should you choose to return to this blip in cyberspace you will be reading my thoughts about various topics and I will be pointing you in the direction of concepts, techniques, products and people who can help YOU in YOUR performance in life.

I will be doing this alone BUT I can't do it by myself. Your comments will be the lifeblood of the effort and it will be YOU who really direct the performance!


  1. Connie, you are such an IT wiz.

    -John Wick

  2. Connie, I have known you for years and you simply keep amazing me with your continued passion to learn and teach knowledge of just getting us to feel good.
    Your recent visit to SPA DAY with a hotel full of people and your spectrum of making us all feel so special and yet your golden fingers and wisdom left us wanting much more again soon. Thanks Connie so much for being part of our lives. All of us from Quality Hotel and Convention Center - Hastings, Nebraska.


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