Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures, Images, Holograms!

Human beings think in pictures, images. The BRAIN is the image maker; the HEART turns thoughts into images. The HEART knows what’s really goin’ on! Science has finally revealed what ancient books have long recognized. Our true beliefs live in our hearts. Our desires are fully known in our subconscious.

The fact is that our HEARTS make decisions automatically and instantly. Will power is a misnomer because our HEARTS decide whether to fight or flee. We see life the way we want to see life. Our HEARTS see life the way it truly is.

Albert Einstein is remembered for, among other things, his famous formula for mass energy equivalence: E=MC2. He famously stated: “The imagination is more important than knowledge”, showing that he understood the BRAIN is our Image Maker.

These pictures are not JUST images. Oh, no…they are not wispy, gauzy, fleeting snapshots! The pictures we humans think in are GINORMOUS, MOVING, TECHNICOLOR theatrical-quality productions!

We can improve our performance in athletic competition, business, studies, virtually anything we think about. As we THINK, we have IMAGES. Our hearts will make the decisions about fight or flight. Our HEARTS see the reality. All we need to do is to change our paradigm, the way we view things.

Whenever we are willing to do this, to think differently, to allow the pictures to present themselves and BEHAVE according to those images we can instantly and vastly change our lives.

The thing that takes place is so exciting that it’s hard to keep still about it! Our lives literally become more vibrant when we are open to this concept. The pictures we see are holograms and this holographic plate is a “how to” handbook for us. Each hologram contains many dots and each dot contains the whole. This is the proof we seek for how the heart works! EACH CELL, EACH DOT, has all the information needed by the body and this information is accessed at the speed of light to give the body whatever it needs.

So there you have it. The heart holds the truth of all your desires.

There is a wealth of information about this and about turning on the success mechanism which takes us where we want to be in our lives in The Healing Codes as found on Mother Connie’s website:
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