Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

As the proud grandmother of two men in uniform, I bid the USA a very Happy Memorial Day!

I never served in the armed forces but I greeted my beloved uncles when they returned from World War II and I was overjoyed when my brother in law returned from Viet Nam.

Now the next generation is carrying on the work of defending our flag.

Yesterday our little town had a full blown celebration to honor the service and sacrifices of all service people in general and in our county in particular. I helped others to put up 468 American flags around our Court House Square. They flew in the strong Nebraska wind and as the band played God Bless America I could feel the pride rise inside me.

We are blessed to live here, even though life is fraught with various and sundry imperfections.

Thank you to all our service men and women! Thank you, Corey and Justin!

God bless America!

*Mother Connie notes with dismay that our people are returning from their service with serious issues of healing. If you have a service person in your sphere of influence please let them know that every issue they may face is addressed in The Healing Codes as found in Mother Connie's website:

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