Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Emotions, feelings and desires are the powers that push people to take action.
--Remez Sasson

At our recent Toastmasters meeting of LibOrators our Table Topics Master asked me to discuss a matter with passion, which I was charmed to do.

Some people shy away from their emotions and do not express their feelings with passion. Maybe they think others will disagree with them; perhaps they fear that someone will show disdain for them for making any statement. It may be that they have not identified their feeling and because of that, they simply have not formed any opinion. Or they do not really admit-even to themselves- what it is they truly desire.

In any case, you can know with every fiber of your being that people-ALL PEOPLE-have been programmed from birth forward to believe something, even if that something is incorrect.

It's a matter of perception, really. The small child may PERCEIVE that his busy mother is ignoring him, so he misbehaves to draw her attention to him. This causes Mommy to focus on the child so the youngster PERCEIVES that he must be naughty to get Mommy's attention. I'll bet you have children like that on your block! I know guys like that who took a trip to prison!

We all do whatever it is we do because of what we believe. And what we THINK we believe may just well be a lot of bad programming! Dr. Alex Loyd refers to this as "heart junk" and when he refers to the heart, he means the 'I love you with all my heart' heart.

The truth lives in our I-love-you-with-all-my-heart heart. The unconscious mind sends messages to the brain, which is the image maker. We all have this; we think in pictures with our conscious minds.

King Solomon knew this centuries ago. Do you suppose that's how Solomon earned the reputation for being so wise?

Science has caught up to what Solomon knew. They agree that most illnesses are borne of stress.

When we live without truth, we also forfeit joy. First, we become stressed. It's our bodies' way of responding. The stress wears the body out until we become ill. All because of not living with truth and love! We cram more heart junk into our lives than our cells can process!

Of course we can undo all that stressful, untruthful living if we but employ a simple tool called Energy Medicine. To learn what Energy Medicine can do for people, please click on these words to visit The Healing Codes.

You have seen quotes on this blog by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Soon I will be publishing a book review about his book, "The Biology of Belief." I hope you will look forward to reading that.

Life was never meant to be stressful or joyless or without love and caring. We can all be well and happy if we understand ourselves with clarity and use the tools sent from Heaven to create the kinds of lives we dream. What might Energy Medicine do for YOU and those you love?

Connie Baum

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