Friday, September 11, 2009

Sans Adult Supervision?

This looks exactly the way I feel when The Normanator goes to work and leaves me
at home, without benefit of adult supervision!

Truth be told, I am very easily amused.

When left to my own devices I can while away the hours daydreaming, eating chocolate, reading, or doing absolutely nothing.

I feel free to run through the house, singing as loudly as I can. I have license to jump on the beds, if I want to. SIDEBAR: I often don't really want to; I prefer to threaten that I might jump on the beds. After all, I'm the one who must tend to the beds! END SIDEBAR. I may choose to chat on the cordless phone and dust the furniture OR I can choose NOT to dust. Mealtime is whenever, not according to a clock. Paying attention to the desires-or lack thereof- of my appetite is to my discretion alone.

Common sense dictates that I would be wise to be concerned with the whereabouts of the Fun Police. If they are patrolling within earshot, there is every chance that they could threaten to take me to Kangaroo Kourt, to be judged by a panel of my peers.

That wouldn't be so bad, you see. They could round up other children in the neighborhood-I did say "PEERS" did I not?-and they would understand my ways.

I may talk with those children as soon as they come home from school. Maybe their moms will let them come for a tea party in the front yard today. I have lemon cookies and peach tea! I feel a party coming on!

We could all live our lives in "party mode" and experience the delightful joy that is ours by our birthright, if only we WOULD make that CHOICE!

If you aren't experiencing childlike joy in your life that could enhance your quality of life, maybe you need a dose of Energy Medicine.

I can connect you with all the right folks. CLICK HERE for more information.

In the meantime, I would highly suggest you burst into song right this minute and don't fret or even concern yourself about what other people think!

Connie Baum

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  1. This is the same exhuberant Mother Connie that I remember from my childhood and teens. I'll not tell on her tho. Love and Light, Sheila


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