Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Healing Codes: What are YOU Feeling?

I felt sorry for The Normanator. It was a hot day and he called to tell me that on his way home from a painting job he had run out of gasoline in his aging pick-em-up truck. Of course, I grabbed my car keys to "rescue" him.

He looked mighty glum as I drove up. He slid into the passenger seat and told me, "I thought about getting the gas can from the Big Blue Building on the hill. But then, I thought I could chance it." And then he said, "I should have listened to my feelings."

SIDEBAR: Is it any wonder I adore this man? END SIDEBAR

Dr. Alex Loyd says that living by your FEELINGS is the secret to life! How powerful is THAT? Now, I want you to note that he said FEELINGS, not EMOTIONS.

Dr. Loyd explains it this way: Because we are humans, we have a conscious mind and an UN or SUB conscious mind. The "I love you with all my heart" heart is where our spirit or UNconscious business is. That's where the pictures live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SOUL is in our SUBconscious mind and it is busy with our breathing, heartbeat, and digestion. What connects the two is OUR IMAGINATION. Both the UN and the SUB conscious mind uses imagination or pictures.

Bruce Lipton tells us that we have a million times more control in our un/sub conscious minds. That's why WILLPOWER often is not effective. Whenever there is a conflict between the conscious and sub/un conscious mind, THE UNCONSCIOUS ALWAYS WINS!

Our feelings in our hearts are NOT fickle the way the emotions of the UNconscious mind are. The feelings in our hearts are deep and abiding while the emotions that cause problems in our unconscious are fickle and fleeting.

Here is a prime example of how that works: A couple may have an opportunity to move from one state to another for the father to take a better job. But they do not know what the best choice for the family is. So, they pray about it; they discuss every option with their families and one another. DEEP DOWN, they feel they know what the better choice is...they make lists of all the reasons why and why not. In the end, both the husband and wife agree that THEY FEEL WAY DOWN DEEP, despite their lists and all, that they would be wise to choose one option over the other. They can't PROVE this in rational ways. There is no language to express why they have these strong feelings. They just FEEL a certain way.

The Normanator FELT he should put gas into his pick-em-up truck but his rational mind said, "Aw, shucks." He failed to follow his FEELINGS and regretted it.

Living with indescribable feelings of joy, hope, love, peace and gratitude are indications that you are living in your truth. This is where 99% of wisdom lies. If you are experiencing anger, fear, depression, sadness or anxiety this is an indication that there is what Dr. Loyd calls "heart junk" that is depriving you of your true birthright.

If you or someone you love is experiencing problems that willpower can't repair or they exhibit symptoms of unhappiness, there might be relief from using Energy Medicine. Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson have such interesting things to teach us about Energy Medicine. If you would like to learn how Energy Medicine might help you in YOUR life, please visit The Healing Codes.

Connie Baum

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