Thursday, September 17, 2009


One of my favorite activities is reading. I just received a delightful offering and I want you to know how much I enjoyed it, so I am making this review available for your perusal here:

One must never, ever judge a book by its cover or by how thick or thin it is.
This is particularly true for Camille Olivia Strate's new book titled, "Whispers."

Just observing the charming and inviting front cover of the book, you might imagine that this is a quick and easy read and that devouring the entire volume might be done over a lunch break.

You might be able to read it on your lunch break, but I could not have done it on mine. There were problems, you see. The author neglected to post a "Tissue Alert" in the front of the book, so I had to put down the book, hunt for a tissue box, dab at my eyes and find my place again. These things take time!

Another factor: There was all the time I spent just laughing out loud! I chose to read this book while I was home alone-sans adult supervision-and no doubt the neighbors, who were off at work, could hear me cackling and guffawing my way through the sweetly illustrated pages.

Ms Strate writes with candor about her own quantum life experiences. While I have not shared many of her life's events, I could certainly relate with her highs and lows. She has a way of expressing introspection and her epiphanies without seeming egocentric and narcissistic.

Camille Olivia Strate might well consider teaming up with the late night television comics, for her material lends itself to the one-line humor often utilized there. For example, even her FOOTNOTES are humorous. I do not recall ever being amused by any other author's footnotes!

The magic that has presented itself in Camille Olivia Strate's life is mysterious and delicious! It inspired me to reflect on the joy and mysteries of my own life!

"Whispers" is not a book that will be read and soon forgotten. As readers are immersed in the accounts Ms. Strate so vividly shares, they will be uplifted and inspired to order copies of the book for friends or coworkers; they will want relatives or neighbors to have their very own copy because there is a keen understanding that others will resonate with what this author so openly shares.

If this book appeals to you and you would like to have it on your very own shelf, please feel free to click on the Amazon link to the left of this post. Ordering online is a cinch and the speedy delivery of your book may surprise you! Mine came in only 4 days!

Connie Baum

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