Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Healing Codes: What Do YOU Do?

We have a house guest with us for a few days. Our son, Andrew, lives in a group home with a couple of other fellows and there is Staff who looks after them. We thought it would be fun to give him a change of pace and bring him home with us for a few days' "vacation." His being here has changed the dynamic in the house and it's been interesting.

One of Andy's favorite questions to ask is, "What do you do tomorrow?" Sometimes he just wants to know what you DO.

He did not know how to respond when I answered that question with "5 things!"

You may not know, either. So I will tell you one of my habits.

It is my custom to write a To Do list at the end of every day so I can start each morning with focus and purpose. When that is done I list AT LEAST five items for which I am grateful. Numbers are not my forte` so I often make a list that's twice that long.

SIDEBAR: When I'm dead and gone and my kids find those notebooks filled with Mom's scribbly notations they will know for sure Mom was 'touched in the head!' Hopefully, they will find it at least mildly amusing. END SIDEBAR

My list may include the names of people who have touched my life that day or it may be physical things, like Mom's good dishes or new socks. Mostly it's details like colors and cloud formations and sunsets or having fresh tomatoes or crunchy garden carrots or a joke for a meeting.

I like to thank the Creator for favorite teachers from school and memories and picnics. I am fond of listing books I've read or foods I prepared or having a good hair day. It makes me feel good to list my good health, my warped sense of humor, a blog post I liked.

I enjoy thanking God for electricity and great laundry equipment, right down to the clothespins, and a line that was recently and lovingly adjusted by The Normanator so the sheets don't scrape the grass!

Whatever it is in your life that makes you feel grateful, keep a running list. You'll be delighted at the joy it gives you when you read the list later and remember how nice it was to have hot water after you mowed the yard or how great it is to have a coffeemaker that brews the stuff just the way you like it.

Our lists could fill an entire billboard. But we keep them private and add to them as the blessings pour into our lives.

One of the greatest assortment of blessings to come my way has been Dr. Alex Loyd; Dr. Ben Johnson; Ken Johnston; their informational conference calls and, of course, The Healing Codes.

What do YOU do?

Connie Baum

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