Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze: GONE?

Many in this world feel sad today because Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. We who are left behind ask many blessings on the family and friends of Patrick as they mourn his passing.

Those of us who flocked to his movies and moved to the beat of the music while he strutted his stuff-the dance moves his mother taught him-are all wishing it were not so.

What could have saved this famous man? Goodness knows he must have had the means to treat the disease in any way he chose. He had radiation and chemotherapy, according to the news sources I heard.

All the fund raisers in the world did not help Patrick Swayze. Heaven only knows the research did not find a cure in time to save the man. Exercise alone did not save him from the ravages of cancer. Radiation only burned him. Chemo only poisoned him. The dollars people ran, biked, hiked, begged for the cancer coffers only produced nails for yet another coffin.

The so called 'war' on cancer is about like the quagmire we saw in the shoot-em-up war in VietNam. Lots of action, lots of dead bodies. No relief.

Somehow this nation of sheep has deluded themselves they must 'ask your doctor' and obediently follow the yellow brick road as laid out by Big Medicine and Big Pharma. Take your medicine, keep your appointments, make sure you have a positive attitude.

When do you think, if ever, the pendulum will swing and we will again think for ourselves? When will we listen to our bodies? When will we understand that traditional methods only serve a certain segment of the population and that segment does not necessarily include those with cancer? Nor does it seem to help anyone with any ailment.

What's the answer? We know folks get sick in spite of their diets, their routines, their supplements and even their beliefs! Is there NO relief from the draconian diagnoses with the heinous side effects and hideous outcomes?

There is a faction who believes and teaches that illness is borne of imbalance. The pH factors in-if a body is too acid, it becomes sick. If a body becomes dehydrated, it will be sick enough to expire.

So, what IS the answer? One way to deal with ANY ailment, no matter what the cause or what the name might be is-you guessed it-energy medicine.

Energy medicine is a tool for wellness. It's not the ONLY tool in the toolkit but it's a very good one. If you are interested to learn how this tool operates, it behooves you to visit The Healing Codes to learn exactly how Energy Medicine can help you and those you love.

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  1. So. I guess this means that Patrick won't be inviting me to join him and his family at their home...you know I always said I would go there someday. Now, with Patrick's death my dream is shattered. I guess we will just have to play his movies over and over and cry and think of what might of been...then we need to find some really good ways to keep his memory alive.

  2. Who is Patrick Swayze? Sorry no TV here.

    But right on about the rest of post, good job Connie.

    We will see if it is controversial. Sometimes it is fun to stir the pot (as long as it isn't me)and see if people are awake out there.

    The Healing Codes can change peoples lives if they care to live.


  3. I guess you were busy with kids while I was at the movies, swooning over Patrick's great dance moves, swoopy hair and tight jeans, Renita. Sorry you missed it; he was a fabulous dancer.

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to comment and sharing your ideas about The Healing Codes. I wish we could sprinkle them like Fairy Dust so all the world could be well and happy and full of life.

    Mother Connie


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