Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trippin' Out?

Mother Connie is a homebody. Traveler? Not so much.

Having said that, though, I am always game to make a road trip if it isn't too long. This past week found me in a car full of gal pals on a short road trip I will remember always.

Usually the events that go awry are the reasons we remember our travels. This trip was memorable for me because of the 'God things' we experienced and the LAUGHTER. Honestly, we laughed til the car shook and we ACHED!

Now, I have to say that I missed my good water . But I managed, dryly. grin/wink I also did not have my whole foods supplements . But I remembered to pack my jammies and my toothbrush. I had clean unders and a comb. Oh, and I carried some money to buy food along the way.

Our first dinner stop had us searching for a sit down place to get a real meal. We'd all become weary of fast food lunches and we still had some distance to go, so we supported one another with the wise choice of a full meal.

Since we did not see any likely places, we thought it might be prudent to inquire from a local person what spot might be a good one for our dinner. We spied a policeman with his canine companion outside his cruiser at a strip mall. We asked for his recommendation and he directed us to a well known local hangout called "The Steakout." We proceeded North.

When we arrived at our dinner destination, we saw TWO police cars and they were searching a pair of women's purses on the trunk of a car they had pulled over! We were stunned!

From the back seat, I hollered, "Oh boy! STAKE OUT at the STEAKOUT! I do hope this is not a trap!" Sandy cried out, "Do you think they know about the rolling stop our driver made back there?"

We parked tenuously and unfolded ourselves out of the car. We went into the restaurant's dining room and seated ourselves so we could see the activity surrounding the police and the people in question. We learned that the driver had made every effort to elude the police and eventually had been pulled over. The police were searching the car and its contents. It was not long before our policeman "friend" from the mall pulled up with his car and dog. Then another cruiser arrived. There had been three women in the car and one little girl. The child was taken away and the women were put into separate cars. All of us who were gawking out the windows marvelled that the little girl was not crying.

The restaurant owner was concerned about having an unaccountable car sitting on their parking lot overnight, so she asked the cops what plan they had. Oh, they would have it towed.

It so happened that the owner's BROTHER owns a tow truck company! She asked what company they would contact and was told that they would probably call her brother. Well, that would be fine, but the brother was out of town. That gave new direction to the officers' decision making.

SIDEBAR: Only in a small town could this have unfolded in such an easygoing, friendly manner! END SIDEBAR

The entire staff at the restaurant were affable, including the owner. They all went out of their way to make sure our meal was to our liking and that we had anything we wanted. It was clear from the outset that everybody eats at The Steakout because of the food AND personal service. Even all the diners greeted us! We all chatted with one another like long time neighbors over a clothesline.

An elderly couple came in and we soon learned all about the husband's military history, the "real" reason why that car was pulled over, in their not-so-humble opinion, and they were utterly delighted to tell us how we could avoid traffic and facilitate an earlier-than-anticipated arrival to our hotel.

SIDEBAR: Don't you just LOVE people? END SIDEBAR

Here is the scoop on the "God thing:" We drove through the breath takingly beautiful Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a spiritual experience, really, witnessing all the unique rock formations in the lovely red hues. Everyone in the car favored 'The Kissing Camels.'

The sky was bright blue as we walked around the Lookout Points. By the time we drove out of the area, the sky had become gray and ominous. We admired an adobe home as we left the park. It was immense and so ecologically perfect for the area. Even though it was man-made, it fit into the scenery like a hand in a glove. Then, quick as a flash, appeared a DEER. The deer stopped, looked us directly, and stood like a statue for the longest time...probably close to a full minute. We had stopped the car to take his picture and just as the camera snapped, a car whizzed by and spooked our deer! The deer ran away into the yard of the house we had admired so much! We could see the top of his ears over the adobe wall as he ran along the length of it and there, as big as guffy, was a TIPI!

That deer knew he was among friends!

As much as we need our food and whole foods supplements; as critical as we find water to be, it is equally important to have we friends and family and occasional "God things" to make our lives complete.

Now you know a bit more about why I love my life!

High Tech Health

Connie Baum


  1. And I even got a speeding warning without even being pulled over! It happened on a 5 lane thoroughfare and the car between us and the patrolman, when that car let off the gas. I was flooring the brakes but still going 70 in a 55. The officer looked over. I stared straight forward. My co-pilot was making funny hand signals and I thought, sure - I have to pull over now! But Sandi said the big burly cop with the mirrored sunglasses just held out his right hand, fingers spread. Then he did it again (sign language for "The speed limit is 55 here, dummy") And I did. It was a grand trip!

  2. Oh, I am SO GLAD you added that detail! It made the story of the trip much more complete. Now, when the FINALE is presented, in the fullness of God's time--THAT will be The REST of the Story... Right? Right!

    Mother Connie

  3. Now let me finish that story of Anita's. After that little incident, she turned to Sandy and said "I never get a ticket". Sandy starts looking for tickets.

    It was a trip of laughs and giggles and StakeOuts. Oh, and to mention Anita likes to drive down the middle of the road. "No one is coming." She says.

    Thanks for a fun trip,


  4. Your comment is like the cherry on top of the sundae, Renita!

    It WAS a fun trip. We have the memories and the pictures to prove it!

    Mother Connie


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