Friday, March 27, 2009

Mother Connie Sez: "Everybody's the Expert!"

My blood pressure just can't take all the media hype! I'll have to stay away from the television set, stop reading magazines and lower the volume on the radio.

Every program, every infomercial, too many advertisements are touting information about how we should eat, how we should NOT eat, and how everyone MUST 'ask your doctor.'

The real news is that my own body knows what's best for it. A doctor, while they have a place in society, is only going to offer me prescription drugs, endless tests, and when all his medicines fail me, he will know just the doctor who can perform the very surgery I need.

Oh, contraire! My body does not suffer from a deficiency of drugs. My blood will not be purified by tests on end, and unless there is a bullet inside me, I'm not likely to need surgery.

Am I unique? Not really. Each of us is unique in many ways but every human being on the face of the earth has basic needs:

  • good, clean alkaline air to breathe
  • clean, alkaline, filtered water to drink in abundance
  • organic, fresh whole foods to eat
  • supplemental vitamins, minerals, antioxidants

adequate rest and sleep

moderate, regular excercise

Nowhere on that list will you see phthalates, artificial sweeteners, microwaved products, chemicals such as monosodium glutamate which masquerades now as 'hydrolized protein' or soda pop!

I suppose I just ruined all your culinary fun. But if you hang out in Senior Centers you'll find out that all these things contribute to the misery people suffer when they get to their Golden Years. Achey joints, skin that looks as if it needs to be ironed, lack of energy, no stamina, and lists of complaints as long as their weak arms can be noted! Had these people been properly nourished properly hydrated and all the rest of my "laundry list" of 'shoulds'-they may not have so much pain.

It's all about the water . Well, water's a critical component to your health. Don't let those TV ads frighten you into taking something for which your body has no need or use.

Folks, it is 2009! No one needs to suffer needlessly. Get with a good program of everything on the list I've given you and BE WELL, Please.

Now is a wonderful time to plant a garden and take responsibility for some organic whole foods you can grow yourself! Remember, gardens, too, need good water !

Connie Baum

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