Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm On Another Tangent

How many times must the public be reminded of the critical need to drink good, clean, pure, filtered water ?

Everywhere I go, people of every age-even toddlers!-are sucking down soda pop and eating snacks laced with the poison chemical substance called Sucralose! It's sold in nearly every school in the country! Every store on every block sells this garbage at bargain prices! Vending machines offer a dizzying array of the junk! It's served at every eatery!

Boys and girls, I feel the need to mention again that just because something is sold in a grocery store, does not mean it's fit for human consumption! And here's WHY:

1. The Food and Drug Administration is corporate compliant, more than protective of the American citizenry.
2. Sucralose, a toxic chemical agent, is marketed as Splenda and is put into every processed food known to mankind.
3. This carcinogenic powder has been shown to be the culprit in causing draconian diseases.
4. Sucralose is the result of the invention of a pesticide gone wrong.

Do you want to ingest pesticides? Do you want your children and grandchildren to drink pesticides?

It's no wonder we have thyroid dysfunction, enlarged livers and kidneys. Can we be surprised that our growth rates are adversely affected? Do we really need for bowels to be enlarged? How about the reduction of good bacteria in our we need to have less when our body craves more?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the pH factor getting wacky. You know how I am about water for heaven's sake!

We hear so much about obesity from the media. Who is telling the public about the problems Sucralose contributes to weight gain? Low blood count? Aborted pregnancies and low fetal body weight?

All the public knows is what the tv commercials and magazine ads tell them. And there are the weight loss gurus, who in some cases are seriously misinformed!

Oh, what to do?

THE SOLUTION IS VERY SIMPLE: Vote with your feet and your wallet. Do NOT spend your hard earned dollars on the stuff and do not buy products containing it. Get yourself a good water system and drink water, for your health's sake!

Connie Baum

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