Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

"Spring has sprung. The grass has riz. Where last year's careless driver is."--Burma Shave Sign

Who doesn't love Spring? The birds certainly seem to be enjoying the season in our neck of the woods. The Cranes are putting on quite a show on the North Platte River. The Canadian Snow Geese have left southeast NE to join their feathered friends along the corridor at the Platte River, too. The Bluejays and Cardinals can be heard screeching and singing and praising the season to the blue skies! I was keenly aware of their presence, along with the red Robins, as I tended the laundry at the clothesline today. The fresh air was delish! I'm sure the birds think so, too!

We are feathering a new nest so we're just learning how pretty it is to see how the light falls at various times of day. We are getting acquainted with the new floor plan and where the light swiches are placed. We are deciding from meal to meal whether we wish to take our food in the kitchen or the dining room-so many choices and delights; so little time!

Were we not in the pink of health, enjoying the local wildlife, having coffee here or there, arranging wall art and furniture would not be the joy it is. We are so grateful that we have learned about good clean water, minerals, organic and whole foods, the critical need for adequate rest and exercise. How blessed we are to understand the value of color, of alternative medicine, Far InfraRed products, and massage therapy! We count ourselves fortunate not to use antibiotics, microwave ovens and junk food. Our hearts are bursting with joy and gratitude; our bodies are healthy, strong and vibrant.

Thank goodness we have come to understand the importance of living our truth in love and forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude.

We are much like those birds who frequent our yard. We know our needs will be met.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

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