Monday, March 16, 2009

Does It HAVE To Be That Way?

One of the many things that delighted my heart when I was a little girl was going to my Grandma Wagner's home to visit.

When we spent the night I would have the privilege of sleeping in the Murphy bed that pulled out from the dining room wall. The big round Queen Anne table would be slid to one side of the room and Grandma would open the big door. Down would come that bed, as if by magic! It wasn't the best part of the visit-that would be my Auntie Berta's lemon meringue pie-but it rated right up there!

Another feature of an overnight visit to Grandma Wagner's was the thick aroma of menthol. There was the BenGay ointment, the Vicks Vaporub, and the spray that everybody used at bedtime.

I never did understand why it smelled so 'funny'. Now that I have been 33 years old so many times I realize that both my grandmother and my aunt were arthritic and were looking for pain relief!

Thank GOODNESS I do not know this from my own painful experience! But I hear the stories from others...

Grandma Wagner and my auntie did not know back then that it did not have to be that way. They never did learn how critical good water , clear and clean, pure and healing could have helped them relieve their misery.

By drinking good filtered water and lots of it, they probably would have been free from discomfort, needed fewer ointments and pain relievers. Their digestion and elimination would have been much easier and their skin would have retained more youthfulness. It is very aging to hurt!

Do YOU hurt? Are you drinking the kind of water that your cells can absorb to help you be well hydrated? If not, why not? Please, go here: High Tech Health to learn about the finest water filtration system on the planet.

We were never created to hurt. If you do hurt, please remember that it does not have to be that way.

High Tech Health

Connie Baum

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