Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do We Need TWO Packing Lists?

Living in a group home can be challenging.

It can also be challenging when someone you love lives in a group home and that home is a couple of hours away.

Michael Birdsong lives in a Mosaic home in York, NE. He has been, ever since Christmas, jonesin' for a trip to see his family. It has FINALLY been arranged and the preparation has begun on his end, with the help of his Team.

Patty, one of my contacts who works closely with my son, notified me that the packing list we have used in the past is nowhere to be found; would I prepare a new one? I saw this as a chance to have some fun so here are the TWO lists I sent:

"Top Ten Things to keep in mind when packing Michael Birdsong for a trip to Mom’s…

10. Uno Cards

9. Sleep Shirt – one will do nicely

8. Sox -- He gets by with half as many as most of the rest of us

7. Underwares – it’s a family word. Means underwear in the real world

6. Liners and stump sox for his prosthesis

5. If the weather warrants short slacks: Cool Beans!

4. Jeans [with a belt] and shirts. Nothing torn, please.

3. whole foods supplements

2. Ostomy equipment. Send it ALL; he’s likely to need it!

And the NUMBER ONE thing to pack for Michael Birdsong’s trip to Mom’s is:

His shaver and the charger. If he does not have it, he will have to sleep on
the picnic table and the weather may not be conducive. Besides, the picnic

table is in the front yard!

***Don’t get excited; it’s a family JOKE!

NOTE: He will most assuredly want his joke books. He wouldn’t be Michael without them."
And here is the list of Do Not Send:

"The Top Ten Things NOT to Send When Packing Michael Birdsong

10. Harmonicas. He owns too many and wishes to drag them EVERYwhere, all the time

9. Little folded papers he meant to send “To a Friend” but jammed into his pockets

8. Dirty Laundry - Hey, don’t laugh; he will try it.

7. Pencils and Pens - he fancies he will never have enough; the reality is he has too many!

6. Lunch bags and food he has squirreled away like a pack rat. It may be EXPIRED.

5. Cash. He doesn’t “GET” it, even though he has convinced you he DOES.

4. Tooth paste

3. Tooth brushes. Once I found 4 of them in his suitcase. Maybe he thought he’d lose one?

2. Long Khaki pants


1. A plastic water bottle that is not the cobalt blue bottle with the silver lid!"
Michael Birdsong's Team, including his services coordinator, have their work cut out for them, even without his mother fussing at them about what to pack and what NOT to send.
Michael Birdsong's mom and his whole family deeply appreciate every breath those people take on behalf of Michael and his cohorts. May God bless them all.
Connie Baum


  1. Cute, Connie! So when is Michael coming here? I can't wait to see him.


  2. Wish Michael a Happy Easter for me. I've missed him since Christmas.
    Love and Light, Sheila Davis

  3. I'll be sure to do that, Sheila! I'll make sure he sends you an email with one of his "corny" jokes!

    Hoppy Easter!

    Mother Connie


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