Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wanna See the Baby?

Everybody-well, MOST everybody-loves babies. And why not? They smell good, they do not pass judgement, they never argue and they need us.

I recall a former neighbor who had half a dozen children and hailed the arrival of every new baby as a Red Letter Event. Her paper boy came to the door to collect for the newspaper he'd been delivering and she could hardly wait to show off the newest arrival. "Would you like to come in and meet the baby?" she invited. "Naw, that's okay," he responded. The new mother's face fell all the way to the porch steps and he must have noticed because he followed it up with , "I got 7 brothers at home and one is still pretty new yet."

You may be like that paper boy. You may not be all that excited about our great news. That's fine; I'll just mention it anyway. If you don't care to hear the vital statistics you can just move along now and come back another time, when I am "over" it. grin/wink

Avery Ryan Baum bounced into this world yesterday morning at 9 AM Central Time. She was eagerly welcomed by her big brother, Jacob, and her very proud parents, Chris and Steph. She tipped the scales at a healthy 7# 5 oz and measured 19 3/4" long. Her hair is long, dark and luxuriously thick. Her fingers, perfectly formed, are long and slender, as are her beautiful feet and toes! She squeaks when she cries and she wiggles. She much prefers to be bundled up; she is perfect in every way.

Mommy is feeling well and looking happy. Daddy is unable to wipe the smile from his ecstatic face. Big brother has not expressed his feelings just yet. The grandparents are holding up beautifully and we all have oversized buttons for our shirts that say, "New Grandparent."

Looking into the face of a newborn baby makes tears in my eyes. I think about the hope and optimism these precious little creatures of God bring with them. They come into this world with nothing but their innocence and their lives will be an adventure. There is much for them to learn-and teach-and there will be great joy along the way.

As I peeked over the bassinet into the face of this brand new little girl, I felt a kinship with her. It feels marvelous to welcome this tiny being, to be around to help her live her life with truth and love! I hope her heart will soar with joy as she fulfils her destiny. She is dear. Her mommy, daddy and brother are dear. She is our very first grandDAUGHTER and we love her dearly already.

Surely YOU have a baby in your family you'd love to brag about. Grab that opportunity right here! Post a comment so we can share your joy!

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Connie Baum


  1. Mother Connie,
    Do print this off for Avery's Baby Book. You're a wonderful Grandma. How lucky both you and Avery are. Best wishes to you both, if only I were a Fairy God-mother I'd grant you both more than three wishes. Love and Light,

  2. This is a lovely post. I remember this joy (after all the last newborn in the family was only a few short months ago)...however, there is extreme joy with every newborn in the family.

    Heck, i have to admit it...the joy comes with every newborn i come across. There is nothing like a brand new life. It is a blank slate that God expects us to help nuture to grow into the person that he has plans to use and to bless others with.

    Congratulations to you, to your husband and to the proud parents and brother. You are so blessed! writeasrain

  3. I am going to be blessed with grandchild number 2 & 3 in the late summer and can't wait to get my new bragging rights. I know grandchild number 1 has had my heart since the day he was born and I looked over his bassinet as he was in ICU for the first 5 days of his little life. He is healthy and fine now but it was a scarey first few days but did not change the joy I felt when a gazed at him and remembered the day my own baby was born.

    It was very hard to believe so many years had passed and my baby was now a mother. All those feelings of joy and amazement came rushing back, only this time it was even stronger because here was my grandson and I was officially an oma.

    Congratulations Connie and god bless you and your family. Looking forward to seeing pictures.



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