Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do You Crave Energy?

Time was when middle aged people complained of feeling tired. Older people were just assumed to be tired; why else would the nursing home routine include naps?

TODAY it's the teen aged kids who are complaining of being tired. I have observed that group to be plagued by head colds, bad skin, and even memory loss. I am so old that I recall that issue was reserved for the elders in our midst!

What could be the difference? Certainly the environment is at issue. I'm sure most every age group has trouble getting to sleep at a decent hour; this accounts for their grogginess and lack of cheer as morning arrives. If folks eat breakfast at all, it may be someting to fill their pie holes that is sugary or has the goodness processed out of it. Worse, it may be NUKED in a microwave oven! It's highly unlikely people who feel tired and sluggish are getting the proper water. YOU KNOW HOW I AM ABOUT WATER.

Here's what really gets my goat: the ginormous amounts of "energy drinks" that are being consumed. Every age group is buying these but teens are buying them as if there'll be no tomorrow!

I have a news flash for those peeps: If it's energy you are seeking, you would benefit greatly from energy medicine . Even the NIH-National Institute for Health-recognizes energy medicine! There really and truly is scientific proof to support the whole concept of energy medicine.

Because we all suffer from the human condition, we grab for a cold energy drink when all our hearts crave is some peace, joy, and love. If we live our lives in truth and with love, our NEEDS won't be outpaced with the stress of life.

Our lives are fraught with decisions. We are able to control the many decisions we make. We have control over whether or not to imbibe in an energy drink or choose a healthy glass of water. We can decide on our own to watch videos til all hours or retire for a long night's rest and rejuvenation.

I fear that if this society does not mend its ways the nursing homes will be filled with people who need care and nobody will fit to be hired. Even if they do get a nursing home position, they'll be taking breaks, chugging down energy drinks, leaving residents to fend for themelves! This would not be good.

Let's lift our glasses high and drink to everyone's vibrant, radiant good health! Then, how about if we all plan to get to bed at a decent hour tonight?

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum

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