Monday, April 20, 2009

I SO Love My Life!

You've heard me say it a million times: "I love my life!"

I say it often and with meaning because it's true.

Here is just one reason why: I had my Saturday all mapped out on paper. I had a ToDo list as long as my arm and my day was well underway when a phone call changed everything. In a good way.

I have requested my Sunday School kids to call me to let me know whether or not they will be in church on Sundays. It helps to know this when I am preparing their weekly lessons.

It was not at all unusual for Lacey to chat me up, then. We traded small talk for a bit, then she asked what I had going on for the day. I responded with a few items from my list and then I turned the table and asked about her plans.

Her voice is sweet and I could hear the hopefulness in it. "Well, I wondered if I could come by for awhile?"

My heart leaped for joy and my thought was, "PAR-TY!" I asked, "Are you up for some paper dolls?"

Of course she was. Her dad delivered her to our door in the early afternoon. I inquired what she'd like to do. She SAID she didn't care but I knew better. I gave her the twenty-five cent tour of our house since it's looking much better since the last time she was here, when we were in the throes of a major moving event. I explained that the twenty-five cents was to help with the rent but since she was a special guest, that fee would be waived. Lacey oohed and aahed in all the right places and we headed for the garden, where she could see all the hard work The Normanator has put in.

Lacey was game for a quick trip to the grocery store, too. I told her I had something in mind for Sunday School and if she'd like to help, it would be something we could enjoy together. SIDEBAR: You can read about what we made by going here: Food Stamps Cooking Club. END SIDEBAR.

When that project was finished, there was a movie to watch, paper dolls to dress, undress, redress, admire and enjoy. Dinnertime rolled around so Lacey stayed for omelets and toast! I took note of the fact she grinned a lot and was a delightful guest. I briefly mourned the fact that we have no little girls here on a regular basis and then I recalled my own daughters' teen aged years...

Is it because I am an only child that I love having my ToDo list interrupted so delightfully? Maybe. Is it because Lacey hangs on my every word, enjoys paper dolls as much as I do, and loves to bake? Could be.

Maybe it's because I never got around to growing up and Lacey and I both love Facebook, Twitter, and Flat Stanley. Besides, Lacey is my new BFF. SIDEBAR: If I Tweet that, you may RT it. END SIDEBAR. Now I think I'll go write on Lacey's wall. I plan to remind her that I love my life...

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