Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sex Sells; So Does Fear!

Mexican authorities are approaching panic mode, hastily launching vaccination programs and monitoring the death toll.

Health authorities in America eye their vaccine supply and pop up everywhere there is U.S. media, warning everyone of the dire and impending doom of the sure-to-strike pandemic of flu.

This flu has been named H1N1. Quite a dramatic moniker, don't you think?

Now, clearly, I am no authority. But I have carefully studied well being and I believe that this potential flu outbreak is being badly mishandled. It is my position that instead of mongering fear among the masses, we could TEACH people how to stay well.

For example: Sunlight produces a very powerful anti-viral vitamin in the human body. Would it not make more sense to allow people time in the sun, sans sunscreen, in order to BOOST the immune system? Surely sunlight and preventative methods trump injecting people, weakening their immune systems!

I get it. Sunshine offers no profit for vaccine producers and the entire medical community.

I remember the old commercial about "It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature" and I totally agree with that statement. I'll spare you my lecture about water and whole foods and no nuked foods and all the rest of it. But Mother Nature knows better than a collection of industries who fancy that chemicalization is the route to vibrant good health! Not only is it not nice to fool Mother Nature; Mother Nature will NOT be conquered!

People who think for themselves will readily understand that fear is just a ploy to gain control over other human beings. But, like sex, it does manage to sell headlines.

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum


  1. Thats correct mama, we humans are always fascinated about things that are artificial and expensive. Nobody is interested in the gifts of nature just for the reason its free!. With mordernisation our thought process has changed a 360 degree. Thanks to the Vitamin D thats abundatly available in my country - India Tempratures raising 40 degree celsious these days, people here cant avoid it even if they wish to !!!


  2. My Dear Antony,

    I am so happy you found Mother Connie's rants! It is good to have your voice here. Feel welcome to stop by with your comments any time!

    Mama aka Mother Connie


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