Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcoming 2010!

We are FEET FIRST into a brand new year! It feels akin to having a pocketful of money to shall we proceed? With caution? With abandon? Maybe we need a budget?

Maybe 2010, stretching before us in all its glory, gives us the illusion we can go at our own pace, maybe put off a few things for now. But before you know it, we will be amazed that another holiday has popped up or we are 'suddenly' another year older. You know the drill. We have all lived it. Time, like life, HAPPENS.

Some of you have made resolutions. Some have even made resolutions they've broken already! I hope your resolve can remain resolute if you made those. As for me, I have simply made three promises to myself: Simplify. Focus. Fun.

  1. SIMPLIFY. I can no longer collect papers to be dealt with later. I must discipline myself to deal with paperwork as it appears and this is true for emails as well! I must learn to pare the "stuff" in the kitchen that no longer serves me. I will take the time to clear away belongings that clutter my life and my mind. Keeping this promise will take some effort, but it is doable.
  2. FOCUS. Pay attention. To people, to the task at hand and instructions; to the messages my body is sending to me via sensations. If I pay close attention in a disciplined manner I am not as likely to be confused and scatter brained. Focus will even improve my well being.
  3. FUN. If it isn't fun, I won't go near it. This is like dessert for me. It will be an easy promise to keep.
My intention is to continue to stand in my own truth, work really hard, play at every opportunity and relish all the joy that is mine. There is so much in my life for which I am eternally grateful; I will cherish it all.

The fervent wish I have for YOU, all my faithful visitors, is that you can welcome 2010 according to YOUR style. By doing so you will soar, basking in the glow of simply being YOU.

Connie Baum

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  1. Those socks do not match, you know. And why are there TOES in those socks? Is that a GIRL thing?


  2. Yes, Norm. They do not match. You know how dryers eat socks, don't you?

    Yes, again...toes in socks would be a GIRL thing.

    That you had to ask indicates you are ALL GUY. And that's just part of your charm.

    Thanks for paying attention to this post!

    Your Bride.


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