Monday, January 11, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Call the Plumber?

This outhouse is NOT in our back yard!

We aren't desperate enough to go looking for outdoor facilities YET...but we live in a house that has some age. The bathroom is delightfully mid-century but because of the age of the facilities, we had to call our local plumber. The plan calls for him to replace the "innards" so things work properly.

Wouldn't it be great if we could call someone when our own "innards" act up? I think it would be awesome to call up the liver specialist and order a replacement part. He could swing by, install the new model, and be on his way.

Maybe we should write to our legislators to see if that might fit into the Health Care Reform? It would constitute reform, all right.

Actually, we can facilitate change in our lives without calling anyone. For truly. All we have to do to transform our relationships, our health, our financial picture is to utilize energy medicine as many times a day as we choose. Energy medicine is emerging as the modality of choice more every day!

As human beings, we tend to struggle through life. We make life harder than it needs to be. We complicate our lives. We over think problems, seeking solutions.

WHAT IF total transformation were as easy as relaxing several times a day to create new pictures for our brain to read? WHAT IF your relationships improved JUST THAT EASILY? Would it be helpful to amp up your success quotient as easily as just letting go and doing a simple protocol that improves your quality of life? It really is that simple, you know.

If you could experience peace and joy, wouldn't you give up a few minutes so you could relax and perform a few codes to heal our lives throughout the day?

If not, why not? Why would you not choose to live your truth, empower yourself, and live the joy-filled life you know you deserve?

Let's compare feeling crummy to using an outhouse. And let's say that living in joy is akin to having access to a lovely, modern, spa-like bath. The transition from crummy to modern would be a simple, relaxing protocol. Sounds good to me.

Jeepers! I hope the plumber won't be late.

Check it out now, people: The Healing Codes.

Connie Baum

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  1. You would really have to go to use those facilities up the stairs and out of doors. Believe it or father has modern day plumbing but he lives way back in the woods and he still prefers to use the old outhouse that was built when the property was just a place to go camping!

  2. O MY STARS N GARTERS! I am guessing your dad's arrangementis probably assures him of his privacy! I'll bet that is the method to his madness! wink/wink

    Living in the woods is good for the soul, btw.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Mother Connie


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