Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Health Care: Is Our Focus on the Library?

When 2010 arrived I made three promises to myself:
  1. Simplify
  2. Focus
  3. Fun
The second item comes into sharp focus-pardon the pun, please-when it comes to health care. Mother Connie is ALL about health, as you are well aware.

I have a new strategy for you in managing the care of your health as it pertains to the stress in your life and it involves focus.

Did you know that focusing on the past or on the future can create problems for you in the present? Yes. It's true.

Dr. Alex Loyd talks and teaches about this extensively. He gives us this example to illustrate his point: There was someone who was a fan of John Lennon while they were in college. As their troubles caused them to seek professional help, they sought out Dr. Loyd. With this fan, Dr. Loyd examined their past. It was revealed that ever since the death of Lennon, this fan's life spiraled downward in every area. He dropped out of college, his career never developed, his relationships suffered and he was stressed to the max.

This poor, stressed out fan was so focused on the PAST he had forgotten he even had a future!

Some people are so focused on the FUTURE that they forget to pay attention to the details of NOW. The blogger who is so interested in getting free help that he neglects to post; the mother who is so worried about air travel issues that air travel worry takes precedence, causing her to shirk her maternal responsibilities; the elderly couple who are so focused on what they'd do if they lost their partner that they feel lost and become too paralyzed to plan for their needs when one passes from this life.

Dr. Loyd tells about his own dear mother. She lived through the Great Depression and her family lost their home. This traumatic event was so much a part of her experience that she lived 'in her past' by allowing everything to be colored by that painful event. Her heart was on duty to protect her at all times.

It is impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time. When thoughts and feelings collide the heart wins every time.

So what does the library have to do with all this? Dr. Loyd offers that we can use the pain in our lives to learn and grow. Instead of placing the FOCUS on the painful past or the worrisome future, we should VISIT the past or the future the way we visit the library. We do not LIVE at the library. Similarly, we cannot LIVE in the past nor can we live in the future.

All we have is NOW. It's a gift, really. That's why it's called the present.

Do you need help with your past or future? Are you living a life of joy? Are you standing in your truth with love, or do you find yourself wallowing miserably in falsehoods? The Healing Codes stand ready to help you NOW.

Connie Baum
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