Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alternative Health Care: Parable of a Squirrel?

Dr. Alex Loyd and his wife, Traci, took their family on an extravagantly expensive and memorable vacation to The Big Apple several years ago. He recently reminisced about that trip.

He fondly recalled that they took in Broadway shows, ate in interesting and unique restaurants and saw all the sites of New York City, just as any tourist would.

While they waited for a ferry the whole family was mesmerized by a man who may well have been a street dweller. This fellow had managed somehow to train a squirrel!

This phenomenon amazed the entire Loyd family. As Dr. Alex sat quietly and motionless on a bench, the little squirrel slowly approached him. He scampered up the bench and hopped onto Dr. Loyd’s shoulder. Very gingerly, the squirrel retrieved the nut the doctor held and then moved away from the Dr. and the bench, proudly toting his prize!

Dr. Loyd said the kindly squirrel trainer looked at their young son directly and shook his hand. “You are a fine young man,” the man offered. “Your parents must be very proud of you. What kinds of things are you interested in?” And so the man interacted with each youngster and the parents. Here was a human being who showed genuine interest in each family member as individual persons.

The entire Loyd family left that experience feeling that they had been immersed in pure love and peace. Those few minutes gave each of them total joy!

Recently the family gathered to discuss vacation plans again. One of the children asked his parents and siblings, “Remember the man with the squirrel in New York?” Of course they all did. Moreover, they also all remembered the peace, joy, and love they had experienced in those few moments. Each of them relived that anew as they reminisced.

Isn’t it interesting that after an elaborate vacation trip, replete with Broadway shows, luxury hotels, bright lights and city streets it was a living being that gave these people joy, peace and the feeling of being completely loved?

Mother Connie so totally relates with this. Each Monday we get this same feeling from attending the Toastmasters International meetings at the state prison. It is not because of the instant coffee they gleefully share; it is not being impressed with the cold, impersonal atmosphere or cement block walls; not even the clang of the automatic doors.

What impresses us is the FEELING we get from men-LIVING BEINGS-who accept the volunteers for who we are, warmly welcoming us because we are there, and creating an environment-even within that prison environment-that engenders the feelings of pure love, blissful peace and utter joy.

Do you yearn for joy that has thus far eluded you?

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Connie Baum
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