Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Healing Codes: "Why Can't I ___?"

Do you struggle?

Is your weight, your mood, your income a constant source of stress for you?

Have you ever been told to JUST-fill in the blank-LOSE the weight? Or JUST GET OVER IT? How about this one: JUST work harder!

Yeah, right. If all it took were WILL POWER, the fight would have ended and we would not need assistance to overcome the issue!

Here's the short answer about WHY we can't fill in our blanks: Your HEART disagrees with your HEAD.

Let me cite you an example: If I lay out a steel beam that's 6" wide and 8 ' long and offered you $100.00 to walk across that beam, you probably would jump at the chance and when it was over, you 'd declare that was the easiest hundred bucks you ever made.

THEN, if I moved that beam and placed it between two step ladders with people holding the ladders steady and offered you the same deal, you'd shudder. Most people would decline. Statistics indicate only 4 in 10 would make an attempt to walk the beam under those conditions.

FURTHERMORE, if we took that same beam and laid it over the edge of one tall city building to the edge of another tall city building and offered $10,000.00 to walk across the very same beam during city rush hour there would be hardly any takers!

That's because the HEART and HEAD are conflicted and when that happens, the heart, seeking to protect us, always wins!

These are not my ideas. Dr. Bruce Lipton and Professor William Tiller have shown proof through quantum physics and scientific studies that when the head and the heart are in conflict, the heart ALWAYS serves to protect the body. That is JOB ONE for the heart. The heart ALWAYS protectively overrides the head. ALWAYS.

That's why will power has little bearing on whether we eat properly or follow our exercise routine or make a blog post! All we want is for the pain of our struggle to go away.

Dr. Lipton recommends that we all need something like
The Healing Codes to repair the programming of the heart, the sub-conscious. If there is faulty programming and our beliefs are incorrect The Healing Codes can gently work with the body to reprogram the incorrect ideas so our heart and our head can work in tandem. That harmony will give us the results we want in life.

If you are in pain because you worry about money issues; if you struggle with your weight; if you are chronically depressed; if you have experienced trauma or deep sadness you need to understand that Energy Medicine can help you.

For more information about Energy Medicine and The Healing Codes, CLICK HERE.

Connie Baum

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