Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Healing Codes: The Dark Truth?

Every authority on the planet agrees that stress causes problems. Here are five things stress causes in the human body:
  1. It makes us sick. 80 to 100% of all illness is stress related.
  2. It enervates us. We are not only SICK but we are TIRED.
  3. It dumbs us down. Decreased blood flow literally drains our I Q.
  4. It creates negativity in our energy, causing bad feelings.
  5. It causes us to fail.
Stress response-not the GOOD kind, which protects us from imminent danger like bears and fires-is caused from LIES.

Here's how it works: Stress is noted in the hypothalamus gland. Real stress, like a threat from a knife or a gun gives us the cue to take flight or to fight. This kind of stress is meant to happen on a once-a-month basis or less.

In today's world, with a crummy economy, too much traffic, more responsibility than we care to bear and all the details of survival, we might have that flight/fight response 10, 20, even 30 times IN ONE DAY!

The worst of that is that all those stress responses are probably triggered by a LIE. The heart knows the truth, so there is conflict between the truth of the stress and the falsehood: I might ask myself: "Am I really going to fall off a cliff?" Probably not in most cases. So the lie causes me stress.

The important thing to remember is to live your life IN TRUTH. Have the COURAGE to tell it like it is. Keep it real. If you don't want to go to lunch with the guy who works at the desk next to yours, be honest and say so. Be kind and loving, but be honest. Tell him, "Golly. This is more about me than you, Tom. I just don't want to do lunch with you today. Nothing personal; I'm just telling you my feelings." Tom will respect you much more than if you tell him a story about how you must make a phone call. And your heart will know you are living your truth.

We probably are not bank robbers and we are most likely not having illicit affairs and we probably are not embezzling funds from our companies. Those are the big things. But in the little matters of life, those dark truths-LIES-we tend to gloss over that kind of behavior.

Energy medicine
can sweep the dirt off the floor of our hearts and help us to live our truth; we can live our lives in loving, caring ways and become de-stressed and healthier in the process.

Do you have health issues? Are your relationships satisfying and rich? If not, you would be very wise to investigate energy medicine and The Healing Codes.

If you or someone you love has benefited from The Healing Codes, we hope you will place a comment here for all to know how someone has been helped.

Connie Baum


  1. I have a client whose mother lives a distance from her. The mother is faithful to perform The Healing Codes for the daughter from her home and I would never have thought that would be effective but it has helped the client greatly with some serious health issues.

    Social Worker

  2. Connie, this was excellent information. I printed off two copies to share with a couple of friends tomorrow morning for breakfast. I also loved the video; it was testimony from some very sincere people.



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