Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Healing Codes for Toxicity?

I'm really not privy to a list of foods and beverages ingested by the celebrities who recently passed away. Nor do I have a clue what celebrities who are still among us are drinking or eating. However, being a health nut AND a foodie I was interested to see a piece dealing with this subject.

The article I saw was written by Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum. She reiterates the toxic properties of sugar free foods and their devastating effects on the human body, and reminds us they CAN cause sudden death.

I'm not accusing anybody of anything. I'm just saying that "diet" soda pop has the capacity to wreak havoc with a human's immune system and it can create very bad results.

This blog has repeatedly warned against the use of the carcinogenic laden soda pop. WHAT IF both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had been fond of diet sodas and drank those on a regular basis?

I understand the famed Michael J. Fox is the spokesperson for a soda company and has admitted to drinking many diet sodas every day. Fox suffers with the cruel symptoms of Parkinson's and all of Big Pharma's medicines have offered him precious little relief.

It's too late for Farrah and Michael to mend their ways. But let's imagine for a moment that Michael J. Fox could be persuaded to think outside the box long enough to establish some new dietary habits...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this great guy and fabulous actor could detoxify his body, drink pure water instead of carcinogen-laden canned drinks? He would be so much healthier if only he would eat organic whole foods. It would be glorious for him to allow his body to heal itself, the way it was Divinely designed to do!

Let's take that premise one step further. As he cleaned up his system, he could use The Healing Codes to completely transform his life!

How do I know? Because I have shared the information about The Healing Codes with many people and I have seen the transformations. I have heard with my own ears the stories of healing people have told over and over and over again!

Dr. Ben Johnson's dramatic story of healing is awe-inspiring. You can hear his story if you click here: Dr. Ben Johnson's experience with The Healing Codes.

It's too late for Michael and Farrah; Michael J Fox is probably not going to see this web page. But you are here, reading these words. If you want to be well from the inside out, here is your golden opportunity to see for yourself how The Healing Codes could enhance your life. Or save it. AND PLEASE DO NOT DRINK DIET SODAS EVER AGAIN!

Connie Baum

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