Friday, July 24, 2009

H1N1 Flu Shots?

The Center for Disease Control and the media are getting on my last nerve!

The CDC and every television network are mongering fear and flu shots and I have had it with this misery! The last straw came when I heard on the "news" that they now want everyone to inquire about a vaccine recently made available for shingles.

Who knows why I did not have a stroke when that came across the airwaves. Must be my great diet of whole foods, super filtered water and my new exercise regimen. Or maybe it could be my stress relief strategies. Yes, all that must have helped me to remain intact.

Anne Shuchat, of the Center for Disease Control, says her agency is 'strongly recommending' immunization for kids aged 6 to 18. The same agency is advising mothers of teen aged girls to be immunized against the papaloma virus, too. I'm sure Anne and her cohorts would be ecstatic if we all lined up to have shots for shingles.

It makes me angry to have everyone all in a dither over a flu that may or may not arrive. To promote vaccinations is, in my humble opinion, pure evil.

The main 'selling point' for the CDC insisting that every man, woman, and child needs this vaccination is that deaths from this particular flu have been recorded. What they fail to mention is that in every case, there was an underlying health issue-and medical treatment-that contributed to flu sufferers' demise.

Why can't we take a more pragmatic approach? Why can't the CDC offer people vitamins and minerals and suggest they eat well and wisely? Why can't the CDC understand that the human body is NEVER deficient in toxic medications and vaccinations? It is most likely to be deficient in nutrients, which help the immune system to protect us from flu, colds, allergies and more drastic things. I shudder to ponder the REAL reasons why the CDC won't do the above mentioned items.

The medical care delivery system is irreparably damaged. Our insurance system is beyond belief, it's so badly upset. The whole approach to medical care is upside-down in the United States and completely and utterly fails the people. If we don't take full responsibility for own well being and stand up to the bullies who insist "the government knows what's best for us" we'll be shot! With a hypodermic needle.

This diatribe is not meant to be incendiary. It is offered with good intent in love and truth. It may make you squirm and you may feel icky when you read it but I want you to understand that this is the absolute truth. Learn how to be well. Learn how to optimize your health. Don't be a victim in this movement to "help" that is not helpful in the least bit.

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Connie Baum

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