Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ritalin and ADD, ADHD--Can it Cause DEATH for Our Kids?

There is an astonishing report out about children who have been prescribed Ritalin for hyperactivity. Youngsters who were diagnosed by medical professionals as having ADD or ADHD were prescribed Ritalin and it caused them to DROP DEAD SUDDENLY!

This information came to me by way of the Editor of Natural News, Mike Adams today, June 16, 2009. And I believe it is an outrage!

The amphetamine stimulant drug prescribed for kids with SO-CALLED ADHD are increasing the risk of sudden death by FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT-500%, mind you, among children and teens! This comes directly from the scientific research funded by the FDA and the National Institute of Mental Health.

What happens in these cases of sudden death? The child collapses and dies. They are likely to be discovered later by parents or brothers and sisters. Matthew Hohmann and his family were victimized this way in 2004. It's happening more and more.

These drugs like Ritalin are being prescribed every day by qualified medical professionals! They are amphetamine stimulants! Once they were sold on the streets and in back alleys as "speed" but now they are being prescribed for what some belief is a fictitious "disorder" known as ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder-or ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. There are NO measurable biological symptoms whatsoever for either of these. Yet, kids are getting dose after dose day after day, some with lethal results!

Think of it! Children are literally dropping dead after taking these drugs and our
FDA insists that the benefits are worth the risks!

I wonder just what benefits the FDA has in mind. There are NO studies to show that these drugs have any long-term positive effect on children. On the other hand, available studies DO show that ADHD DRUGS STUNT THE PHYSICAL GROWTH OF CHILDREN AND IMPAIR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. The kids who take these dreadful drugs are not only at 500% risk of sudden death; they are also assured to have stunted growth and brain development! Where is the benefit in any of that?

Here's what I suspect: The benefits available are the benefits raked in by Big Pharma. What with all the many doses of drugs-ADHD and others-sold all over the world, profits are being mounted as children fall dead in their own homes! So if there are "benefits worth the risks" I believe those benefits could be financial and worth the risks of death of children to the drug companies. But that's just me.

Another point worth noting is that children or adults who suffer with ADD or ADHD could very well benefit from Energy Medicine
. Kids can have "heart junk" as Dr. Alex Loyd describes the untrue beliefs that cause our brains to make images based on our beliefs. When those beliefs are incorrect, inaccurate, false--it creates a situation that must be alleviated in order for kids-anybody-to be whole.

Do YOU have a child or family member who has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Do you really want them to take drugs? Or, would you prefer to have a tool that is non invasive, loving, and effective? Energy Medicine is never going to cause a child to suddenly drop dead!

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Connie Baum


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  2. Parents should be making informed choices about their children's health. Yet many parents don't know the full, and frightening facts, and live in fear of being labeled "bad parents" if they seek out more information and alternatives to drug therapies.

    Please take less than two minutes to watch this important video on the potential dangers of ADHD drugs. If you are a parent or grandparent of a child diagnosed with ADHD their life could depend on you being fully informed.
    (or search YouTube for "Critical Alert About Ritalin and Your Child"

  3. Thanks Mother Connie for mentioning my Matthew
    Ann Hohmann


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