Monday, June 1, 2009

Even Saving Dinner Can't Help Me Today!

I think that if you hold your ear really close to your monitor you will hear the saws, the hammering and the grunting that's going on in the kitchen.

No, The Normanator has not commandeered the room to prepare dinner. We are getting new kitchen counter tops and with the expertise of the plumber, the carpenter and The Normanator the job is being done properly, loudly, and much too slowly for Mother Connie!

Change is hard, even when invited. We have had to become accustomed to living without our customary routine, food, and even cleanup has taken on a new dimension. Oh, my stars and garters!

The Saving Dinner
crew can help you make changes when it comes to meal prep. They specialize in helping you make interesting menus with a budget firmly in mind. Leanne Ely calls herself "The Dinner Diva" and is frugal, creative and knowledgeable about nutrition, food prep and all things dinner.

I wonder just what Leanne would do for dinner tonight if she were here? I guess we will just have a picnic and eat the fresh spinach and radishes The Normanator brought in. The stove still works, so I can cook some protein. But tonight it might be crowded, with the carpenter, the plumber and me all shoulder to shoulder!

Who will be saving dinner at your house tonight?
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Connie Baum

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