Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bragging Rights

Did you ever go to Church Camp? How about Vacation Bible School? Did you ever help organize or teach a Bible School class?

I'm no scholar but I do have a Sunday school class of 6th graders, one boy-Isaac -and one girl, Lacey. These are the "regulars" and from time to time, we have visitors. Melissa is one of those. I have taken out bragging rights on this dear trio of kids.

Our country church will be 100 years old this fall and our congregation is small. When I was asked to become the 6th grade teacher, I felt inadequate for the job. I still am, but what I lack in adequacy and ability, I make up for in love and enthusiasm.

Having been a camp counselor and loving every moment of it, I knew that a trip to our church's Kamp Kaleo was out of the question. The distance, the costs, the schedules were not going to support that effort. There are not enough bodies to justify a week of vacation Bible school, so we came up with the idea of Day Camp.

It appeared the rain would be an issue but we made the collective decision that no rain would fall on OUR parade! And the heavens opened, making way for Old Sol!

On the big day of our Day Camp, Lacey came to town with her dad. He dropped her off with us as he headed for work at 7 AM. Isaac arrived at 10. We had devotions, wrote some Bible verses, and made plans for our Next Big Thing: a service project. We took our selected verses outdoors with us and did a walking meditation. We examined color and the different energies of various colors. We laughed a lot.

As lunchtime approached, we drove to a burger joint and met up with Melissa so we could all eat lunch together.

Having filled our tummies, we departed for the Homestead National Monument in Southeast Nebraska. It pays homage to the Homestead Act and has wonderful educational, recreational and natural exhibits. We oohed and aahed over all the exhibits, chatted with the very personable Rangers and made our way through the nature trails.

Isaac was most relieved not to encounter snakes. So was his teacher. We revisited our walking meditation, including Melissa in this go-round. We studied the botanicals and markers along the trail. We hung out on a bridge. The kids took lots of pictures.

SIDEBAR: If those three kids did not learn their verses, it was not for lack of repetition! END SIDEBAR.

These kids decided they should put together a power point presentation for our church family. They would like to host a fellowship hour following our regular Sunday service and present the activities of the day for the congregation's enlightenment and pleasure.

SIDEBAR: When I was a 6th grader I could tie my shoes, but to volunteer to present to a group of adults was not even on my radar! And, may I remind you that when I was a 6th grader, the computer had not even been invented yet! END SIDEBAR.

In The Healing Codes there is special consideration given to "heart junk" and all the incorrect beliefs we hold. These untrue beliefs contribute to our issues of ailing health. It is my opinion that the three 6th graders who comprised our Day Camp are just not 'victims' of this heart junk. They are filled with respect, joy, love, consideration and good works. They live as they say they believe, so they are in integrity, living their truths.

OK, I will give you that I am totally biased in favor of these kids. But look at who they are, see what's important to them, note how they interact as best friends and draw your own conclusion. In any case, our Day Camp adventure was great. Of course, it must become an annual event. At least that's what I heard coming from the back seat of the car as I drove home!

The Healing Codes

Connie Baum


  1. Rev. Kathy RahorstJune 16, 2009 at 3:02 PM

    What a wonderful idea for a church camp. A little church with a big heart. And the blessings from you Connie continue... God has given you so many talents and gifts, it is a joy to see you share them with the youth. God bless you as you continue your ministry in His name.

  2. I have taken my family to this monument. It is a very family friendly place and is clean and well maintained. I can see that a walking meditation would be good to do in this place.

    Best to you, Mother Connie.
    Uri Lopez

  3. Save a seatbelt for me next year.
    Love and Light to a special group and their teacher who is all HEART!
    Sheila Davis

  4. Yeah..That was soo much fun!..haha and I think it was for all of us =).Anyways thanks alot!


  5. Connie, those three kids probably received more from this day than a week with many kids. I would say that Mother Connie did it well as usual. You are just a very talented lady. You have many areas of expertise. Most important the satisfaction one received just seeing the smile and excitement. You take care and keep up your many good deeds.



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