Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: Shea Butter is Sheer Luxury

Shea butter is Mother Connie's emollient of choice for massage work.

You aren't likely to think about massage work as often as your humble blogger does.  Even though retirement came along, the things learned over three decades of body work do not fade into oblivion. 

As you know, the internet has replaced massage work for this kid.  Social Networking led me to Twitter.  That's where I met a young Ghana man I call "Boat."  It turned out that I became his online mom and we have kept in touch over the past few years, popping in with instant chats and Tweets to make sure we stay in one anothers' loops.  His latest news is that he is very interested to showcase Shea Butter.

Boat hit the Hot Button!  Shea Butter is the ultimate in body care.  It comes from Africa, where it is extracted from the Shea nut.  It has traditionally come from West Africa but some is coming now from East Africa.

My friend, Boat, who lives in Ghana, has written to me about this product.  He is in hopes that people will learn about its benefits and get as excited about Shea butter as the two of us!  Here is part of his message to me about Shea butter:

"We all know of Shea butter as children growing up throughout Ghana.  What I think is that most of us have not  yet realized the importance of Shea Butter to the World Market and the economy today.

Women  of Ghana spend comparable  monies as other societies  on cosmetic products that only contain about 5% of Shea Butter with the other 95% made up of synthetic compounds to give a desired texture and scent.  

Compare the price of a kilo of Shea Butter in Accra against the price of an imported jar of cosmetic containing 5% or less of Shea Butter. Would it not be prudent to take that kilo of Shea butter and add your own preferred infused scent?

Why not design your own skin cream? Collect a variety of wild flower petals; select the scent of each one that you like. You can even go as far as blending different scents together until you get the right one.  Finally, get a piece of light, white cotton material and make a small medicine bag to hold your petal mix.

Put the required amount of Shea Butter and medicine bag of petals into a large clear glass jar with a lid, leave it in direct sunlight for at least  2 weeks.  Every evening open the jar to test the strength of the scent. If need be, add some more petals.

From this humble beginning you could possibly go on to achieve a cottage industry with a Product designed on the uniqueness out of the garden of Ghana. Please let Mother Connie know about your successes so she can let me know how you enjoy using Shea butter!  Just leave your comments in the comment box below this post, where it says "comments"."

Boat was so gracious as to send a list of Shea butter's benefits.  We will continue our discussion on this topic by revealing those in the next post!  Do stay tuned!

Connie Baum 
PS/Using Shea butter on your body and ToothSoap on your pearly whites will be the ULTIMATE in body care!
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  1. Grandma, You have done a great job. I hope people contact us for purchase for shea butter

  2. Let's hope things go well for the good people of Ghana, with their wonderful body care products.

    I'm so happy you stopped by! Please come by any time. We welcome your comments and opinions.


  3. We have more quantities of shea butter and we can supply as many as you want from us..


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