Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: Balance and Motion?

It is so wonderful to be able to brag about one's kids, especially when there's no objection!  Here is an example:

My daughter teaches Tai Chi in Astoria, Oregon.  The Daily Astorian Newspaper heard about her classes and came by with their video camera.

Tai Chi is a wonderful adjunct to any other healing modality, including The Healing Codes.  No matter your age or ability level, you will find good things about Tai ChiShould you be so fortunate as to live in the Astoria, Oregon locale you could choose Angela for your instructor.  But you should know she has a waiting list for her classes!  Tell her Mother Connie sent you, won't you please?

 Connie Baum


  1. I love her style and grace...wonder where she gets THAT from Mother Connie? Why by George, I am pretty sure that the apple did fall far from the tree!

    Awesome job on raising a daughter doing such good things to help people stay healthy.

  2. ooops that should say..."didn't" fall far from the tree. Silly fingers didn't type what I wanted to say! lol

  3. It's OK, Rainy! I meant what you knew! Thanks so much for coming by.

    We have a saying in our family that fits really well here. 'I love you so much it makes tears in my eyes.'

    That's how I love my daughter and that's how I love YOU, Rainy.

    Thanks again.

    Mother Connie

  4. Thank you ...and I feel blessed. You are a blessing and I am proud to call you friend. I hope your daughter knows how much you love her and take pride in her accomplishments. She deserves kudos for doing what she loves so successfully.

  5. Congratulations, and what a lovely space for it!

    I've been trying to teach my husband meditation and relaxation for years now. When he gets stressed he does a weird form of Tai Chi. His breathing is forceful, his jaw is clenched, and it looks as if he is trying to chop wood with his hands. I call it "Angry Man Tai Chi" and fall out of my chair with laughter whenever he attempts it. Perhaps I should sign him up for a class...


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