Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: Never Say Never?

Do you wear eyeglasses?  Contact lenses?  Maybe you have had the Lasik surgery that's so popular now.  Family members of mine have had it and are glad they did.

Mother Connie has been sporting contacts since being courted by The Normanator.  They have worked like a charm and there was never any "fogging" of lenses that came into a warm house from a cold winter's day.  No smears to wipe away, either.  Best of all, I could clearly read the clock if I woke during the night!
As time has passed, the need for more power became apparent as i reached for "cheaters" more and more often.  I dearly hoped that was not an old lady thing.  You KNOW how I've been 33 for all these many years...

Well, age has caught up with Mother Connie, more's the pity.  Cataracts, which I swore never to have, made their appearance rather suddenly.  There is a date for the eye surgeon who removed my parents' cataracts to remove mine.  Dr. Proffitt is legendary for his work as a pioneer in eye care.  I'll be in good hands.
I went to my tell-all book about disease.  I wanted to understand WHY I have these little monsters growing where they are not welcome.  What IS the lesson I'm to learn?  Here is what the book says:

"Cataracts are caused by not wanting to see what the future holds in store."

I'll be dipped in dew!  Now, if only we could find the book showing what the lesson is to be learned from this.  Stay tuned; I may figure it out.  OR, YOU MAY KNOW WHAT I DO NOT AND YOU MIGHT LIKE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MATTER.  Leave your comment, won't you?  Thanks oodles.  I still have the ability to read mail.  grin

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