Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: Thank Your Lucky Stars!

Cheese, please?

Can we all agree that people are funny about their food?  From infancy on, everyone has their favorite foods and flavors; people like or dislike foods for a variety of reasons.  Most of those reasons make no sense to any one but the holder of the reason!

Little kids don't like bread crusts.  Some family members 'fight' over the 'heels' of every loaf!  Kids are notorious for not liking vegetables; husbands want the food their new brides prepare to look and taste like the husband's mother's dishes.  The list goes on and on.
Over lunch today the Normanator and I mused that we are blessed to have food.  When we say grace before a meal, WE MEAN IT.  Not that our menus are all that outstanding - today we had creamed cabbage with leftover spaghetti and we sopped up the tomato sauce with warm, moist pita bread.  As if that were not feast enough, we celebrated the meal with dessert: home canned applesauce, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon!  What could be tastier in the middle of a sunny day?

There was an abundance of bread, so I offered to share it with someone I know is in need.  Serious need...turn-your-power-off-tomorrow need.   She lit a cigarette and cocked her head as she told me that  she doesn't LIKE that kind of bread.  She would prefer to have CHEESE.

I do not share this anecdote with you for purposes of judgment; it is meant as an observation.  It is a clear picture of what FREE WILL is all about.

But I did take a lesson from this.  As I left this needy woman I heard a voice in my head from my past.  Someone I admired admonished me to  "ALWAYS accept what the Universe offers you, even if it does not look the way you think it should."  If you don't accept, you literally turn off the flow of abundance and prosperity that is meant to come to you.  

You could think of it the way you think of water pipes.  If you turn the faucet off and beg for water, it won't arrive.  YOU MUST TURN ON THE FAUCET TO RECEIVE THE WATER.  It's the same with our abundance.  We need to open the gates and allow it all to come to us.
It's all right.  That bread has been crushed into crumbs and it will got into a variety of meals: meat loaves, casseroles, even croutons for soups.  I have a notion to invite the needy lady who doesn't like that kind of bread to come by and share a meal...

Meantime I shall thank my lucky stars and count my many blessings. 

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Dr. Alex Loyd discovered The Healing Codes because he was desperate to help his wife deal with her long standing depression.  She literally transformed her life.  She is thanking HER lucky stars and counting HER many blessings, too.   I wonder if Mrs. Loyd likes that kind of bread.

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  1. Those are words of wisdom Connie. How many times do we, as human beings, put up walls and limit ourselves? Makes sense of the old sayings such as Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! and so many others.

    Being grateful & willing to receive gracefully is the key to receiving when you are in need. So very important to remember that because, we are on both the giving & receiving end of things many times in life!

  2. Thanks for taking my side on this one, Rainy. If you have ever been in need, as I have, you know full well how it feels.

    My mom used to say, "Beggars can't be choosers" and I think that applies to today's incident.

    Good of you to stop by. I must look for a cheer leading uniform for you and some pom poms. A megaphone would be a nice touch, too, don't you think?

    Mother Connie

  3. I think that just goes to show that Americans are not in danger of lacking enough calories. If America's poor were lacking calories you wouldn't hear of them turning down food because they didn't like it. We are in danger of not eating the right foods or the right amounts of the right foods and that can be blamed on cost of food, gluttony, and probably many other things. A lack of calories is not a problem in America though, even for the poorest of people.

  4. You know MC, being self employed for my entire adult life that's a lesson our family learned pretty early on. Be happy for what you have because even if you think it's not great, it'd mean the world the someone else.

  5. Lynn, that's a good point! I wish you could have been a 'fly on the wall' when the woman who turned down the bread went through her "act" because it was pretty telling.

    I so appreciate your coming by to read my rant!

    Mother Connie

  6. Oh, Bodacious One. You are so faithful to peek in on MC's rants...I really appreciate your time AND your point of view.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with the rest of us kids.



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