Friday, January 7, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: GOOD GRIEF!

Good Grief, McGraw!

All the medical news that's hit the airwaves and my eardrums has gotten on my LAST NERVE!  

PEOPLE!  We have GOT to start thinking outside the box!  Once and for all, we need to think for OURSELVES!

Here's the thing:  There are "public service" ads...

SIDEBAR: public service, my hind foot! END SIDEBAR

...touting  the efficacy of DOUBLE VACCINATIONS for whooping cough FOR BABIES!

There are ads all over creation for vaccines for shingles and "other adult diseases."

Mother Connie is not able to understand WHY this is.  Why must the public be bombarded and pelted with all this fear mongering?  Why can't we all just realize that good health does not result from a medical appointment, the stick of a needle OR TWO, and it is not accomplished because we take prescription drugs, replete with all their ugly and unwanted side effects?

There is also the small matter of FLUORIDE.  I went to the drug store recently to see about tooth paste.  Personally, I choose to use ToothSoap, but this purchase was for someone else.   Just out of curiosity, I looked at the labels of every brand of tooth paste offered.  VIRTUALLY  NONE WAS WITHOUT FLUORIDE.

Here's why that's a problem:  Fluoride, which is highly toxic, has been shown to cause mental retardation.   But when flavoring is added to make it more palatable and catchy ads are placed in shiny magazine pages and clutter the air waves, people seem to flock to get the brighteners for their pearly whites...and BESIDES, IT IS CHEAP.  Sigh.  Long sigh.

It's very simple, folks.  Eat lots of vegetables and fruits!  Get organic if it's available!  Do not overeat!  Get some exercise!  Take good nutritional supplements!  Sleep enough to feel rested and refreshed!  Drink plenty of pure water!  Think good thoughts!  Be good to others; furthermore,  be good to yourself!  Participate in activities that are meaningful to YOU and surround yourself with people you love!  Brush your teeth after every meal, but not with fluoride!  Don't fall for the stories that abound about how you NEED this pill or that formula.   

We all would be well advised to think outside the box. Don't follow the herd; think for yourself and intend to be well and happy.  Pay no mind to those ridiculous "public service" announcements and you'll be the better for it!

Connie Baum 
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  1. Pepsodent has no flouride.

    When I was little I had really bad ear infections, I was temporarily deaf in one ear because of it. I remember having to take a teeny tiny black pill and have what I was told was liquid pennicilin poured in my ear. Later in my thirties, my sister said her daughter had the same problem but they had to give her extra medications to protect her teeth because the medication I had was found to yellow and harm the teeth. No wonder I had several root canals in grade school.

  2. Thanks, Bodacious One.

    Fluoride is all over the national news now. I bet they read this blog!

    OBOY. Mother is full of HERself, huh?



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