Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mother Connie Sez: New Jeans...Smaller Size?

Looks as if her weight loss program is doing the job for her!

Since it is January, most everyone I know is on some sort of program.  Some are eating differently, or taking smaller portions.  Others are meeting with groups of like minded folks who want to slim their silhouettes; still others have been browsing the self help books of their favorite book shops to find THE ANSWER to their downsizing project.  Is it diet?  Is it exercise?  Is it even POSSIBLE?

Personally, I've been 33 so many times that my size really is the most insignificant to me ever.  Time was when I obsessed over the size of my waistline.  It just isn't one of my priorities any more.  I'm far more interested in being HEALTHY and FIT than what I look like in a swimsuit.  

WHO AM I KIDDING?  Where would I WEAR a swimsuit?  It's January, remember?  grin 

There is a program that piqued my interest, though.  One of my associates popped up on one of the social networking sites...he looked all buff and muscular and I was curious how he managed to make the metamorphosis from very thin to all healthy looking and fit as a fiddle in a very short time.  He declared it was "Fearless 45!"

Here's what I found out:  He spent 45 days with a program designed to help him GAIN weight!

SAY WHAT?!  I thought the subject was WEIGHT LOSS!  

Well, you just have to see for yourself, boys and girls.  You take a look and then make up your own mind.  As lazy as I am, I'm really tempted to GO for it!

Here's where to find the straight skinny.  Uh, I mean the 411:   

Oh...just a word of caution: This is a program that is FEARLESS.  It's nothing to toy with because it gets good results.  Scope it out.

You are really going to love this if you would like to have new jeans in a smaller size!
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