Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Whaddya MEAN, 'No Salt'?

Does this look like a restricted area to you?

There has been a great deal of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth in the past couple of days.  There have been questions, loud discussion and plenty of pure disgust to go around.

The Big To Do surrounded a 'date' with the cardio guy.
Remember when Mother Connie's heart turned cartwheels?  Following that EXPENSIVE episode it was determined that some changes were in order.  After ALL, when you have been 33 as many times as this bodacious, bawdy ole broad, you need to take a few precautions.

Ever since The Episode, your humble blogger has been getting adequate sleep.  She has been faithful to eat wisely and well without exception.  She makes sure to get the correct amount of water and exercise each day.  The Healing Codes are an integral part of her routine.  She increased her intake, after much research, of certain minerals.  She reduced stress where it was possible to do so.  And let's not forget about Renita's magic purple powder.  It was the star of the show, after all.   The upshot of this regimen was that Mother Connie's heart no longer did the acrobatic act; she felt 100% better; she was even able to run that 2 AM paper route every single night.  

So when the traditional medical specialist and his highly trained nurse learned that Mother Connie had not even filled their prescription for medicine with draconian side effects, they felt insulted and betrayed.  
They must not have understood that Mother Connie had NO deficiency of pharmaceuticals.  I dunno how they missed that.

No.  Now they were sure that cholesterol is the new enemy and it must be fought with their Rx.  They insist salt is a no-no and that blood pressure checks must be taken every day.  Mind you, this in spite of the fact that there was ever any indication that cholesterol lurks in the veins of the woman whose heart turned cartwheels and somersaults.  As a matter of fact, no blood was drawn and a stethoscope was never put to my chest. All of which was quite fine; their tests are too invasive and too pricey for my taste and budget anyhow.

Here's my complaint:  Why not look at the fact there are NO SYMPTOMS?  Why not be glad the patient is a FREE THINKING, FREE SPIRIT?  Why not be open to learning about different, better ways of approaching health and wellness?
Can you even FATHOM what they'd have done if I'd told them about Energy Medicine?  I would have told them but they were not the least bit interested.  That's really sad, when you think about it because Energy Medicine would decrease the costs of health care immensely and a great many people would benefit tremendously.

Do you yearn to know about healing in an affordable way?  Could you enjoy these holidays more if you felt better?  Would you be more content if you did not feel so stressed?  If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions or if you are just curious, please CLICK HERE NOW for information that will improve YOUR life and the lives of those you love best.

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  1. Connie Connie Connie, I can't believe that they wouldn't ask you about what you did when you didn't take their medicine. They must have been afraid you would take their income away from them. Kind of shows how closed minded some people are. I thought these people were here to make us better. I think we are seeing something different. ummm!

  2. Yes, I believe they wanted to "strong arm" me and make me feel afraid if I did not do THEIR bidding...after all, they have all the high priced expertise, supposedly.

    Well, I think your magic purple powder is good for me. Let 'em peddle their goods to more willing suckers-uh, buyers-than I. And please pass the PXP, will you?

    Thanks, Renita.



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