Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mother Connie Sez: Tools of the Trade?

Every craftsman has tools...

Every craftsman has tools for his work.  The barber has his clippers; the carpenter uses a power saw; even the baker has special pans.

Rachel Ray, well known for putting a meal together in 30 minutes, has a garbage bowl for trash, bits of waste, and peelings.  If you ever saw Chef Anne Burrell cook like the restaurant chef she is, you know she has a bowl on her work table for "stuff" and she calls it her "Thank You For Coming Bowl."

Just for fun, let's imagine that we have a problem we don't like. Let's say the problem is that there are bird droppings on the window. We wash the window and we thank the birds for coming but we invite them to leave because bird droppings do not serve us. WHO NEEDS BIRD DROPPINGS, ANYWAY?

So perhaps it's possible to borrow that concept and have a private conversation with our bodies. We could thank them for being well and operating efficiently. When we have a runny nose, we might blow our snouts and say, "Thank you for coming, but all that does not serve me may now leave."

The same might be true with hives or an itchy big toe, just to use other examples:  " Thank you for coming but all that does not serve me may now go away. "

Let's say the problem is not IN our BODY; the problem is cash. Or lack thereof. The result might be shame, embarrassment, sorrow, grief, anger, you name it. So we thank the feeling for coming but since it does not serve us we ask it to leave so that makes room for the MONEY.

There are many tools for all sorts of assistance in our lives.  One tool we use often is PRAYER.  To my way of thinking it was probably the FIRST tool of which we availed ourselves.  Another tool might be The Healing Codes.  They work as an adjunct to any other modality to care to use.  It's just another tool.  After all, the barber, the carpenter, the baker each have more than one tool to get their work done.  And Rachel and Chef Anne could never manage their workload with only one bowl used for things that do not serve them!

What do you have in YOUR life that is not serving you?  Might there be false beliefs?  Is there an illness?  What about issues of unsatisfying relationships?  If your life isn't working the way you'd prefer, you may just need to reach for another tool from the Toolbox of Life.  Check this out, won't you?  It could mean the difference between a life that's miserable or a life that really works well!  CLICK HERE NOW.

Connie Baum
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