Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mother Connie Sez, "Are You Being Served?"

There is a Britcom by the name, "Are You Being Served?"--this is not that.

Mother Connie has been AWOL for far too long.  First it was this, then  it was that, which kept her away.  At times there was nothing to rant or rave about.  Sometimes she was too busy or too far under par or-she hates to admit this-SHE WAS LAZY.

She and The Normanator  had a long, loud discussion about what would happen on Martin Luther King Day.  Mother Connie INSISTED there would be no mail and no banking.  The Normanator was adamant that life would go on as if it were any other Monday.

She won a cooky over that, just as soon as we saw the sign on the bank, announcing that they'd be CLOSED on Monday, January 21.

Now, what the bank employees do on their time off is none of my business.  But I need to consider what I'll be doing.  It is suggested by the Powers That Be (Who ARE those powers,  anyway?) that people use that day for service to others.

Hm...there are so many ways to be of service it's dizzying:

Might I volunteer at the Action Center and help prepare food for the Seniors?

Should I go to the nursing home and help with recreation?  **Nope.  They are under quarantine because of illness there. 

How about calling some of my elderly acquaintances and ask if they need help with their cleaning? 

What if I offered to bring a meal to one of my older peeps OR invited them to eat with us? 

Do they need help at school? 

Does my shiny friend need help with her children? 

Maybe one of my elderly pals needs help trimming their nails?  .

Might  the Librarian need help? ** Well, she might, but the Library will be closed that day; she'll probably be sleeping in and shopping!

Here's the thing:  If you know of some way Mother Connie can be of service on Monday, January 21, 2013, just put a comment in the comment box and she will seriously consider your idea.

By the way, what are YOUR plans for service on that day? We'd love to hear your plans; just put them into the comment box.  THANK YOU.

Connie Baum
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