Friday, January 18, 2013

AH-hh...Foot Massage!

Oh, wouldn't this feel wonderful right now?

A foot reflexology session would feel heavenly today.  Foot reflexology was the first thing I learned before committing to doing Massage Therapy back in the day.  Now my #1 daughter is proficient and certified in the art of it but she lives half a continent away...

I have learned to use a bar of soap as I relax in a tub of hot water to work the same points and gain comfort from that.  My shiny  make that RADIANT--friend, Wendi, even gave me a lovely sugared oil to smear on my feet and that is divine but sometimes a person just needs someone else to pamper them and fuss over them.

That was one of the greatest sources of satisfaction when I spent my days in the massage room.  To offer soothing comfort and pain relief for sore, achy, injured and aging bodies was immensely gratifying to me.

Now that I have evolved into this stage of my life I look for other ways to get that sort of "high" from life.  One of my pursuits is to enjoy Tuesday morning breakfasts where the Seniors gather each week.  There is a good bit of camaraderie there and some great friendships are blooming around the breakfast table Not only that--the food is as good as the freely flowing coffee and the price is right:  $1.25 for the meal and $.25 to tip the cook!

Other mood elevators for me include Book Lovers Club and the new book club at the Assisted Living Facility.  Those sweet ladies in both groups have taught me so many things about books, life, hobbies, friendships, and food that sometimes I must pinch myself to be sure it's not just a dream!

Bloggers from all around the globe delight my heart, too.  I feel connected to men and women who share my varied interests from nearly every state in the union and in countries I have never visited!  Facebook connects us, as it connects me with friends and acquaintances from locations where I've lived or other personal history.  When I see status updates from people I went to school with or family members who live afar, I feel the warmth of a connection, even if it is virtual!

Toastmasters, International has a special place in my heart;  even though I am no longer attending meetings, I continue to nurture connections with those who are active and participating in club life somewhere.

Still, there is no good substitute for a good foot reflexology session!  

Do YOU yearn for a foot or body massage, too?  If so,  you know exactly what this is all about!  Here's hoping someone in your life is there to pamper YOU. 

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