Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Hope This is NOT About Aging.

 We  hope this is not about aging...

Nebraska deer are exquisitely beautiful

I was mostly asleep but I heard Norm HURRY down the hall.  It was very quiet in the house.  I stretched and yawned and talked myself into getting up so I could get myself ready for our friend's BIG DEAL Parole Hearing....

I went down the hall and looked into the living room,  hoping to see what Normie was doing.  There he was, with his binoculars up  to his eyes.  He was SOOO excited!   He said, "THERE IS A DEER  IN THE NEIGHBOR'S YARD!"
"Where?  Lemme see, too"

He pointed and like usual, searched for the right words to let me know where to look.  He stuttered and stammered and could nott find the words he wanted to use.  He handed me the glasses and I peered,not having a CLUE where to look.  These people live half a block from us.


We both realized that at the same moment this deer was not going to move and we laughed out loud and hard -- for about 10 is yard art!   We have lived here for 3+ years and deliver their newspaper every day.  This thing in their back yard has never been seen by either of us
 We can only hope it's a new addition so we don't have to admit being OLD.  And STUPID!
We both are still grinning and giggling.
Connie Baum
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